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MFI Certified Lightning Cable

If you buy a Lightning cable for your iPhone, iPod or iPad, make sure it has an MFI certificate.

The MFI certificate stands for Made for iPhone / iPod / iPad. For example, manufacturers of Apple device accessories develop their own technology and receive this certification after being certified by Apple. To be certified, you must meet a wide range of standards, and you can be sure that the product is safe to use when you have an MFi certificate. Customers should avoid purchasing or using Lightning cables without an MFi certificate. These can cause various damage to both the cable and your iOS device.
Our MFI Lightning USB Cable is DC5V / 1A-5V2A- * 5V / 4A and has a file transfer rate of 480mbps. All types of chargers have compatible USB ports and adjust the charging speed depending on the voltage of the charger. We will receive the MFI Lightning USB Cable at the ‘Ehlel Support Center’ and will repair or replace the product within 5 working days after diagnosing the condition of the product. You can create a user account on the website of our Ehlel Support Center and Customer Service Center, register your problems, complaints, and causes of damage as a "Ticket" and send your request.
Also, please note that if there is any mechanical damage caused by the customer, it cannot be repaired or replaced according to Ehlel Support Center's maintenance procedures. Thank you :)





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